Because its most identical to Human Collagen!

New phenomenal non – counteractive age-reversing skincare formulated from hydrolysed Bluefin Tuna Collagen and Elastin, providing superior bioavaibility known to man to effectively gives us younger, healthier skin, fast!

Discover a new secret of timeless beauty from the Ocean Deep.

Dr.Sheva applies its patented hydrolysation technology to deliver maximum absorption. Hydrolysation is a process that breaks down long collagen polypeptide chains into tiny tripeptides, the smallest molecular sizes of collagen and elastin for maximum bioavailability and absorption.


With hydrolysation, these already small particles of collagen and elastin are further broken down for up to double the transdermal absorption rate and efficacy versus unhydrolysed collagens. Fuss-free Multi-purpose Skincare for the Environmentalist, Minimalist and Lazy-Bone! Each bottle lasts up to average 2.5 months.*


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Discover Dr Sheva expertise on skincare innovation with advanced patented extraction and hydrolysation methods.

Indulge in a luxurious skincare routine to find your inner glowing skin. Made first in the world from bluefin tuna fish to extract its collagen (Type 1) infused with elastin for a bouncier effect. Dr Sheva Collagen serum and night cream helps to tightens facial skin, heals your dead cells thus giving you a shinier reddish skin, smoothens and helps to eliminate most of the skin problems including eczema. One drop is all you need to get your day started.



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